The long and winding road

“Simply the act of taking a vision and moving it from your mind to a canvas is a success.”  - Jason Hall 

and a journey! 

Over the past while, I have encountered many people who have told me they missed reading my posts. They enjoyed reading my words and some, sometimes, felt like I was writing just to them. I believe them. I believe them because we are all connected. If I listen, I will hear in the depth of my heart, your heart’s desire. Because it is mine too. We are on the same road you see. 

I have returned to this journey of open journaling that I will share with you.  For many months now I have vacillated and been lost. Tossed about like a bottle on the sea in a storm, I was wondering when the sunshine and calm would return. Now I know it won’t return. I must re-create it one step at a time. The journey will be what I will it to be. Who I will be on the other side? I don’t know but I will not be re-creating the past. I will create a better, happier Bianca. 

There are many sizes of canvas and there are many types of roads. Choose one, begin and let me know how things are going too. 



This personal blog was written by Bianca Pittoors. You may “share” it in its entirety. I respectfully request that you respect it as the intellectual property that it is. Thank you!